For for convenience for all travelers, After all services are confirmed . We would send you a secure link via your email, so you can make the deposit or full payment easily and safely.


 // Please note that the banks in Vietnam are only allowed for all transactions in VND, and surcharge 3% for fee.

// If your amount is US $ 100 and the  exchange rate US $ 1 = 22,890 VND (current exchange rate of our local bank and could be changed daily)

// Transaction  Fee : us $ 100 x 3% = us $ 3

==> your final amount is charged in your credit card:  US $ 103 x 22,890 VND = 2,357,670  VND (This amountwas already indicated by our operator in advance in the bill)


Please follow the below steps, so you can have a general look of our payment method (It is quite easy and takes you about 2 minutes to finish the payment).


PLEASE NOTE: The below is for example only.


 Step 1: After click on the secure link, you can see the below instruction, then please “check” the ” I agreed with terms and conditions.

 Step 2:The second page is shown as the below, and you can fill your credit card information and other information shown(field is required)

 After finish filling the information required, please click ” Process Payment”

Step 3: You can wait for few seconds only…………….

Step 4: The successful payment is shown as the below

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